Goa Junior Teams at Nationals in Ludhiana

Goa’s Junior Cagers failed to make the expected impression at the Junior Nationals in Ludhiana this year. Though the girls team was rated much higher than the boys with respect to the earlier performance, other than just the two initial wins, the team failed to perform, letting loose crucial matches.

The Teams were as follows:



  1. Jimmy Fernandes
  2. Velly Rodrigues
  3. Roy Pereira
  4. Chhavy Sirohi
  5. Royston Mascarenhas
  6. Ray Cortez
  7. Kabir Morajkar
  8. Nikhil Pinto
  9. George Lobo
  10. Shivam Yadav
  11. Shish Chandra
  12. Daniel Vaz



  1. Charmaine Fernandes
  2. Franzila Rodrigues
  3. Gayle Gomes
  4. Rachel Raposa
  5. Elaine Fernandes
  6. Jessica Fernandes
  7. Leandrie Rodrigues
  8. Prunella Cardozo
  9. Rose Rhea Rebello
  10. Saachia Nathan
  11. Josifa Dias



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