Make a Skill Video

This first initiative is done to inspire other players to learn and imitate the good players. Hence the hashtags: #youcandoit2 #dowithme #doitlike #goabasketball. The second phase will begin with competitions within age category levels or skill based in Age groups. In this first week, the best video will be awarded a GIFT of a Spalding ball [worth 1500/-].

Goa Basketball Association has initiated a new process of promoting practice, exercises, and skill development during this lockdown period. The conditions and precautions around the COVID-19 are here to stay, and hence, various initiatives are in the offing. The first initiative is to keep a record of the players as they are practicing as of now. And hence, Players are invited to submit their videos (in landscape) as they practice.

As indicated, the videos should be in landscape, of not less then 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 mins. The final video produced will be not more than ‘1.30 secs’. The player can choose what he does best and upload the video of oneself in practice with or without the ball. You can follow the videos already uploaded of the videos received: Saachia Nathan, Uma Gokhale and Bharat Patil.

We wish to congratulate and thank all who have promoted Basketball in their clubs and helped the players who have been mentored in their growth of the game despite the lockdown.

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